Cashu Fund 

We authorized Philippines Online Reseller of CashU Fund.  

We can provide our customer any of the following:

1.    Cashu Fund $10,  $30, $50, $300  denominations. 

2.    Fund Transfer to your Cashu Account with email confirmation transactions in real time.  

This price for Bank Transfer, Deposit, Cash Pickup online

                                                                Fund Domination.....Price In Peso
                                                                 cashU  $10:...............PHP 565.00
                                                                cashU  $30:...............PHP 1,650.00
                                                                cashU $50:................PHP 2,850.00
                                                                cashU $100:..............PHP 5,300.00
                                                                cashU $300...............PHP 15,400.00

Smart #:  +63 928 1924 889.......................Skype: Ulpen.
Globe#   +639163524277.....................YM: Mr_Klir
Online Fund Re-Seller For: CashU, Paypal, Skrill  MoneyBookers.

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Reminders for CashU Buyers: 
1. Remember to provide us your CashU Account Number  we will fund your Account after we  received your payment.
 2. We cannot resend, refund for any CashU account typographical errors.    
3. All transactions are final (no returns, exchanges or refunds) Because transaction is airtime and not refundable.
4. We cannot control delays if there'll  be any problem with our  network providers.
5. We make sure that customer will received the fund 12 hours from the time we received your payment.   For online buyers such Moneybookes, Smart Money, G-Cash and Internet Banking Transfer  we do it live. 

Verify our name is listed on cashu Reseller website list:.

CashU is a prepaid Internet payment service. The user can sign up for a free cashU account, which can be funded using a variety of payment ways can fund your account  and you pay via leading cash pickup and bank  in Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Young population with very limited access to credit cards  Cashu is the answer, advantage of using CashU is that

You only need to enter your  cashU user name and password every time you buy in any any website.

 will not have to provide your personal  information like name, address, date of birth and the other private information.   A normal credit card payment requires. Also  No need to worry about hacker since you only load your  account whenever you need it.

You can used  CashU  account like credit card  on the following:

FX Trading & Business

IT & Web Hosting Services

Online Shopping

Social Media Networks

Gaming & MMORPGs

Booking, Entertainment & Lifestyle

Communications & VoIP


Some site  accept Cashu Payment:

Amazon, Facebook, Skype, Google Play,  Itunes, Xbox Live, Playstation Network,  Etisalat,  Steam, Game Card,   Zynga,  Facebook, Nexon,

For more information you can visit: