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SMART, Red Mobile , Globe AutoLoadMax, Sun Cellular
Description &  E-Load Amount   Selling Price   In Saudi Riyals Skrill Moneybookers Price
Smart|Globe|Sun|RedMobile  Php 212.00  102.00 SAR  $5.4
Smart|Globe|Sun|RedMobile  Php 318.00  30.00 SAR  $8
Smart|Globe|Sun|RedMobile  Php 530.00   49.00 SAR    $13
Smart|Globe|Sun|RedMobile  PhP 1,060.00   95.00 SAR  $27

Cashu Refill Coupons & Prepaid Cards.
 * Refill coupons PIN Number with $10,  $30, $50, $100 $300  denominations. 

* Fund Transfer to your Cashu Account with email confirmation transactions in real time.  

Refill CouponsDomination 
Prince In Peso  In Saudi Riyals
CashU 500  Points......... $10.00
PHP 565.00 SAR 43.00
CashU 1500   Points.........$ 30.00 PHP 1,650.00 SAR 126.00
CashU 2500   Points.........$50.00 PHP 2,850.00  SAR 230.00
CashU  5000 Points.........$100.00 PHP 5,300.00  SAR 405.00
CashU  15000 Points.........$300.00  PHP 15,400.00  SAR 1240.00

Reminders for CashU Buyers: 
1. Remember to provide us your CashU Account Number  we will fund your Account after we  received your payment.
 2. We cannot resend, refund for any CashU account typographical errors.    
3. All transactions are final (no returns, exchanges or refunds) Because transaction is airtime and not refundable.
4. We cannot control delays if there'll  be any problem with our  network providers.
5. We make sure that customer will received the fund / Coupons  PIN in 12 hours from the time we received your payment.   For online buyers such Moneybookes, Smart Money, Internet Banking Transfer  we do it live.